Brand Identity

The choices we make today have important consequences tomorrow. We often miss out on reward and recognition for the better life choices we make because we just don’t realise the true benefits of them.

Reviti wanted to change this, and disrupt the Life Insurance category in the process. A force for positive change, Reviti provide cover for everyone, whatever their lifestyles, and reward better life choices today, and tomorrow.


The brief was ambitious but clear; to create an emotionally distinctive life insurance brand with a disruptive start-up mindset.

Using the strategic idea of ‘bright ideas for a better life’, we created a digital-first, human-centric, life-embracing identity for Reviti to not only set the brand apart from its competitors, but also signal positive change in the category, offering a new, exciting and empowering choice for customers looking to invest in their futures.

Studio : FutureBrand